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Marilyn Monroe, books for sale, printed in Romanian language, with photo of star on front (F) or back (B) cover:

Title of the book ---------------- --------Author---------------Cover----Printed in year-----Number of page-----Price $

"Marilyn - The Last Take" ------Peter Hary Brown, P.Barham ----F---------- 1994-------------- 415 ----------30

"Marilyn Monroe: the Biograph"---- Donald Spoto---------------- F---------- 1995-------------- 667 ----------45

"Marilyn Monroe si samuraii lui Mos Craciun"-- Pierre Stoltze----- F----------- 1992-------------- 331----------25

"Harlot's Ghost"----------------- Norman Mailer--------- M.Monroe on F----- 1994 ------------1000 ----------50

"Things I did…and Things I think I did"-- Jean Negulesco-- M.Monroe on F ----1989------------- 340-----------30

"The Dictionary of Movie Stars"--- Cristina Corciovescu -Many stars on covers-- 1997------------ 484-----------45

"The Dictionary of Movie Stars"----- Tom Iancu ---------Many stars on covers ---1977------------ 420----------35

"Hollywood Story"--------------- Charles Ford ----------Many stars on covers--- 1972------------ 222 ---------35


Rare books for sale, printed in Romanian language, with photo of star on front (F) or back (B) cover:

Title of the book ---------------- --------Author---------------Cover----Printed in year-----Number of page-----Price $

"Bourvil, du rire aux larmes"-------- Pierre Berruer---------------- F---------------- 1982------------ 206 ---------20

"Greta Garbo, vedette solitaire"----- Fritiof Billquist---------------- F---------------- 1972------------ 237----------40

"The movies, Mr.Griffith and me"---- Lillian Gish------------------- F---------------- 1973 ------------488 ---------30

"The stars of past movies"---------- D.I.Suchianu------- C.Chaplin, and other on F--- 1968-------------350-------- 20

"A world of celluloid"-------------- Lazar Cassvan------ Laurel and Hardy on B ------1979------------ 434 ---------20

"La vie Quotidienne a Hollywood"- Charles Ford --------Many stars on covers -------1977------------ 196 ---------20

"Humphrey Bogart"---------------- Bernard Eisenschitz------------ F----------------- 1972------------ 302---------25

"Oscar 55 (55 editions of Oscar Prizes)-- Adina Darian -------------------------------1985------------- 302---------25

"Gerard Philipe"------------------- Anne Philipe-------------------- F---------------- 1969------------- 430---------15

"Vladimir au le val arrete"--------- Marina Vlady-------------------- F---------------- 1993------------- 214---------15

"Callas - une vie"----------------- Pierre-Jean Remy---------------- B---------------- 1988------------- 220---------25

"Josephine"---------------------- Josephine Baker ------------------F -----------------1982------------ 320 --------35

"Mr.Laurel & Mr.Hardy"--------- John McCabe------------------- F----------------- 1977------------- 250---------35

"The Story of Movie"------------ Ioan Lazar----------------- Sharon Stone on F -------1993------------ 250---------20

"Bardot - Two Lives"----------- Jeffrey Robinson ------------------F -------------------1995 Hungarian --300 -------25

"The Dictionary of Movie"------- Stars Cristina Corciovescu-- Many stars on covers ----1997------------ 484--------45

"The Dictionary of Movie Stars"-- Tom Iancu -----------------Many stars on covers -----1977------------ 420--------35

"Hollywood Story"--------------- Charles Ford--------------- Many stars on covers----- 1972 ------------222--------35

"Laurence Olivier"--------------- Mihai Nadin---------------------- F------------------- 1968-------------- 60 ------10

"Vita di Eleonora Duse"------- -Olga Signorelli---------------------F---------------------1967--------------170------15

"Elvis and me"------------------Priscilla Beaulieu Presley-----------F---------------------1993--------------350------20

"Charles Chaplin"-------------Charles Chaplin---------------------B---------------------1973--------------410------30

Rare books about Madonna, printed in Romanian language

- Title" Madonna", by Julia Edenhofer, printed in Romania in 1993, on front cover a photo from movie "In bed with Madonna", 189 pages,-----25$;

- Title "Madonna - between legend and true", by Simona Tanase, printed in Romania in 1994, on front cover it is a very nice Madonna's photo, 63 pages,----30$.

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